PROS of using Bluehost Hosting:

1. Low Introductory Pricing

Bluehost is also one of the most inexpensive options available, another reason for it’s massive popularity. It’s not the cheapest  but it is a good price among the most popular options.
Although we aren’t preaching BlueHost in any way, we managed to negotiate a pretty great deal for visitors. It’s $0.50 off from the regular price. See it here:

2. Good Security Options (read: You should be safe with Bluehost)

Bluehost’s security options are good, offering tools that combat some of the most common website risks.
For example, you can prevent spam with tools like SpamAssassin, Spam Experts, and Spam Hammer. They support CloudFlare, which helps prevent pesky DDoS attacks that can bring a site down with an overwhelming amount of traffic from different sources.
They also offer hot link protection (preventing people from stealing your images or content), IP address blacklists to block problematic individuals and SSH access for secure web sessions.

3. Many Integrations and Apps

Bluehost also comes with a dashboard full of applications so that you can integrate various services, like Google Apps and the aforementioned CloudFlare, to increase the possibilities of your site.

4. ‘Official’ Recommended Host

WordPress official site ( recently re-made their hosting page. On that page, they’ve listed 3 hosting providers, including siteground, dreamhost and Bluehost.


I have rated Bluehost 5 out of 5.
Bluehost is in the top 5 of my reviewed web hosts. 
Bluehost is a mature provider with a well designed infrastructure. They are not the cheapest but that's not enough to chip away from their 5 points.